New Book Tuesday: Balibar, Contemporary Violence, Paul, and More New Books

Balibar, Violence and Civility

Our weekly listing of new titles:

Violence and Civility: On the Limits of Political Philosophy
Étienne Balibar; Translated by G. M. Goshgarian

Dangerous Trade: Arms Exports, Human Rights, and International Reputation
Jennifer L. Erickson

The Political Impossibility of Modern Counterinsurgency: Strategic Problems, Puzzles, and Paradoxes
M. L. R. Smith and David Martin Jones

Paul’s Summons to Messianic Life: Political Theology and the Coming Awakening
L. L. Welborn

The Tale of Genji: Translation, Canonization, and World Literature (Now available in paper)
Michael Emmerich

Prose of the World: Modernism and the Banality of Empire (Now available in paper)
Saikat Majumdar

Documents of Utopia: The Politics of Experimental Documentary
Paolo Magagnoli

Projects that Flow: More Projects in Less Time
Uwe Techt

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