New Book Tuesday: AIDS, Terrorism, Crime, Rawls, and More New Books!

Piot, AIDS Between Science and Politics

AIDS Between Science and Politics
Peter Piot

Rawls’s Political Liberalism
Edited by Thom Brooks and Martha C. Nussbaum

Global Alert: The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World
Boaz Ganor

Criminal Justice at the Crossroads: Transforming Crime and Punishment
William R. Kelly

Families of Virtue: Confucian and Western Views on Childhood Development
Erin M. Cline

Govern Like Us: U.S. Expectations of Poor Countries
M. A. Thomas

The Subject of Torture:Psychoanalysis and Biopolitics in Television and Film
Hilary Neroni

Global Intellectual History
Edited by Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori

The Problem with Pleasure: Modernism and Its Discontents (Now available in paper)
Laura Frost

Raymond Bock; ATranslated by Pablo Strauss

On Wing
Róbert Gál; Translated by Mark Kanak

The Old Man and the Bench: A Novel
Urs Allemann; Translated by Patrick Greaney

The Key
Máirtin Ó Cadhain; Translated by Louis de Paor and Lochlainn Ó Tuairisg

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