New Book Tuesday: New Film Titles and Poetry from Around the World

Ross Melnick, American Showman

American Showman: Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel and the Birth of the Entertainment Industry, 1908-1935
Ross Melnick

Hollywood’s Copyright Wars: From Edison to the Internet
Peter Decherney

Sex and World Peace
Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmett

The Scandal of Reason: A Critical Theory of Political Judgment
Albena Azmanova

Underground U.S.A.: Filmmaking Beyond the Hollywood Canon

Edited by Xavier Mendik and Steven Jay Schneider

Millennial Cinema: Memory in Global Film
Edited by Amresh Sinha and Terence McSweeney

Floating Clouds (Now available in paperback)
Fumiko Hayashi

Words and the World (Twenty-volume Set)
Edited by Bei Dao, Shelby Chan, and Lucas Klein

Words and the World: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong
Edited by Gilbert Fong, Shelby Chan, Lucas Klein, and Bei Dao

The Ancestor
Paul Muldoon

C. D. Wright

The Metaphor of the Sea
Shuntarō Tanikawa

What If Derrida Was Wrong about Saussure? (Now available in paper)
Russell Daylight

Badiou and Deleuze Read Literature (Now available in paper)
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory (Now Available in paper)
Benjamin Noys

Djuna Barnes and Affective Modernism
Julie Taylor

The Truth About William Shakespeare: Fact, Fiction, and Modern Biographies

John Ashbery and English Poetry
Ben Hickman

Untutored Lines: The Making of the English Epyllion
William P. Weaver

The Edinburgh Companion to Twentieth-Century British and American War Literature
Edited by Adam Piette and Mark Rawlinson

Multiple Modernities: A Tale of Scandinavian Experiences

Culture and History in Postrevolutionary China: The Perspective of Global Modernity

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