Columbia Journalism Review Books

Columbia Journalism Review BooksA recent article in Publishers Weekly highlighted the launch of our new series Columbia Journalism Review Books, which coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the Columbia Journalism Review. The series will be edited by Victor Navasky, Evan Cornog, Mike Hoyt, and the editors of the Columbia Journalism Review.

As the article explains, the first book in the series Second Read: Writers Look Back at Classic Works of Reportage, edited by James Marcus and the Staff of the Columbia Journalism Review has just been published and several other titles are in the work.

In describing the rationale behind the series, Philip Leventhal, the editor for journalism at Columbia University Press, said:

Columbia University Press was looking to build upon its list in journalism, and we felt that working with Columbia Journalism Review would be an excellent way to do this, given its extraordinary reputation and relationship with some of the most innovative and astute commentators and critics in journalism…. The past few years have witnessed many changes in the business and practice of journalism, but these subjects are often treated in a hyperbolic or superficial way. A series in conjunction with the Columbia Journalism Review would offer much needed perspectives on these issues.

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