800CEOREAD Reviews Best Business Writing 2012

The Best Business Writing 2012

Earlier this summer the popular website 800CEOREAD reviewed The Best Business Writing 2012, edited by Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton, Ryan Chittum, and Felix Salmon.

The review praises the book for collecting the most compelling and important writing of the past year. It also commends The Best Business Writing 2012 for providing a larger context to understand recent events amid our 24-hours news cycle.

The review culminates by reiterating the importance of the volume:

So often lost in the mix are the facts we should be seeking, and the stories that ferret them out. The Best Business Writing 2012 searched those facts and stories out and gathered them back up in one important and entertaining collection. Some of those facts and stories may challenge your beliefs and change your mind; I know they are doing so for me. You are also certain to find much that will comfort and/or enrage you. Most importantly, you will find excellent, purposeful writing, well-told stories, and a search for the truth.

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