Year-End Accolades for Smart Growth by Edward Hess

Smart Growth: Buidling an Enduring Business by Managing the Risks of GrowthSmart Growth: Building an Enduring Business by Managing the Risks of Growth, by Edward Hess has been receiving a variety of year-end accolades. Inc. Magazine listed it as one of the year’s best for business owners. In recommending the book, Bo Burlingham wrote:

The definitive rebuttal to the myth of “grow or die.” Professor Hess’s examples in Smart Growth come mainly from public companies, but his insights, conclusions, and advice apply equally to privately owned businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The book was also selected one of The top 10 business reads of 2010 by the Toronto Globe and Mail, which wrote:

[Hess] debunks the prevailing belief, inspired by Wall Street, that companies must grow or die. He shows how rare it is for companies to continually grow, and offers a more sensible, nuanced approach, based on a thoughtful, detailed consideration of what type of growth is best for your company.

Finally, Edward Hess also received the Wachovia Award for Research Excellence for Significant Publication Aimed Directly at the Practicing Manager.

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