Jacqueline Stevens on Democracy Now!

Jacqueline Stevens, author of States Without Nations: Citizenship for Mortals was recently on Democracy Now! to discuss the misconduct of U.S. immigration judges who have more concerned about deportation quotas rather than immigrants’—and citizens’—rights.

Here’s an excerpt from her appearance:

Now, the problem is that the immigration agents are not always accurate in their arrest reports…. The purpose of an immigration hearing is to review whether or not the claims that are being made in the arrest reports are accurate. But instead, the Department of Homeland Security is taking advantage of the discretion afforded them under our law and deporting people through a process that does not require them to appear before an immigration judge…. The vast majority of the immigration judges who review these do not review them carefully, and they just sign these orders by the hundreds. And as Rachel Rosenbloom, a colleague of mine at Northeastern Law School, points out, they are likely also ordering the deportation of US citizens among them.

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