Listening to Kristeva and This Incredible Need to Believe

This Incredible Need to BelieveWe recently came upon the excellent Web site Discourse Notebook Archive, which offers audio of lectures by contemporary philosophers such as Julia Kristeva, Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou, Judith Butler, and Jean-Luc Nancy. It also includes some nice surprises such as lectures (both video and audio) by John Waters (“Filth 101. Film, Taste and Philosophy”) and DJ Spooky (“Mixing as Social Sculpture”).

One of the lectures is Julia Kristeva’s “The Unbelievable Need to Believe” recently delivered in New York City. In the talk, Kristeva examines some of the ideas from her forthcoming work This Incredible Need to Believe. The book is one of the few instances in which Kristeva considers faith and religion and their place in the postmodern world.

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