The Cinema of Todd Haynes

Brilliant and grounbreaking to some, inscrutable and frustrating to others, I’m Not There, Todd Haynes’s newest film a bio-pic of Bob Dylan has garnered its fair share of opinions—almost none ambivalent. Whatever your opinion of Haynes’s latest it is certainly a movie worth wrestling with and a compelling addition to Haynes’s already impressive body of work.

In The Cinema of Todd Haynes (new from Wallflower Press) offers a much-needed critical assessment of Haynes’s films from Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story to I’m Not There.
The book traces his career from its roots in New Queer Cinema to the Oscar-nominated Far from Heaven (2002). Along the way, it covers such landmark films as Poison (1991), Safe (1995), and Velvet Goldmine (1998). The book look at these films from a variety of angles, including his debts to the avant-garde and such noted precursors as Rainer Werner Fassbinder; his adventurous uses of melodrama; and his incisive portrayals of contemporary life.

Read the introduction (pdf from the Wallflower site)

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