Playing Politics with Terrorism

Playing Politics with Terrorism by George KassimerisHave you ever wondered if politicians are being totally forthcoming about the threat of terrorism in your country? Have you ever wondered if they might be exaggerating for their own benefit?

George Kassimeris did, and he’s put together an excellent collection of essays by leading experts on the subject in Playing Politics with Terrorism: A User’s Guide.

His new book details how governments have used the hysteria of threats of terrorism to advance their political agendas. Exploring everything from Fujimori’s Peru, Putin’s Russia, and Italy in the 1970s, up to present times, the contributors give today’s citizens an eye-opening tour of how to spot and counter political propaganda.

David Crystal in The Independent called Playing Politics with Terrorism by George Kassimeris “Brilliant, mind-opening stuff”, and picked it as one of his best books of 2007.

Playing Politics with Terrorism is one of the new books from the Columbia/Hurst imprint. Other books from the imprint include Iran and the Bomb: The Abdication of International Responsibility by Thérèse Delpech, Koran, Kalashnikov, and Laptop: The Neo-Taliban Insurgency in Afghanistan, 2002-2007 by Antonio Giustozzi, and Architect of Jihad: The Life of Al-Qaeda Strategist Abu Mus’ab al-Suri by Antonio Giustozzi.

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