Herve This Heads West

Herve This, author of Kitchen Mysteries

Considered by many to be the father of the molecular gastronomy movement, Hervé This has been changing the way the world approaches cooking; bringing a scientific sensibility to bear on the common problems all cooks face. His books Molecular Gastronomy and Kitchen Mysteries are written in a charmingly breezy tone and intended for anyone who is daunted by the sheer amount of information in Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking.

We are really excited to announce Hervé This’s first ever visit to the West Coast! He’ll be in San Francisco and Los Angeles to promote Kitchen Mysteries February 24-29th.

We’ve got lots of bonus Kitchen Mysteries material for you on our website, including a quiz to take to see how savvy you are about the mysteries of your kitchen. We’ve also got excerpts from the book in which This dissects the mysteries behind why alcohol makes us drunk and how long tea should steep.

Finally, can’t make it to the West Coast? Check out this video of Hervé This in the kitchen explaining mayonnaise.

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