Announcing Our 2022-2023 Business and Economics Catalog

Letter from the Editor of Columbia Business School Publishing:

As the founding publisher of the Columbia Business School Publishing imprint, I am honored to present our recent and forthcoming titles. We seek to bridge leading academic thought and professional practice to contribute to moving forward the fields of finance, investment, digital business, innovation, and social enterprise. We face increasing economic inequality and business uncertainty, and we hope to provide solutions for society’s problems. 

Bruce Usher’s Investing in the Era of Climate Change, grounded in academic and industry research, brings clarity to a complex challenge. Usher argues that careful examination of climate solutions will offer investors a new lens on the future for financial benefit and the greater good.

Sustainable: Moving Beyond ESG to Impact Investing, by Terrence Keeley, offers a holistic look at sustainable investment practices. Keeley, a finance-industry veteran, explores the promises, prospects, and limitations of ESG investing and provides comprehensive solutions that would promote more optimal outcomes. Providing practical and actionable advice, Sustainable offers a penetrating vision of how business, regulators, and public policy can build a flourishing society.

In The Innovation Mindset, Lorraine Marchand delivers a step-by-step program for successful innovation. Drawing on her experience advising startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, Marchand takes readers beyond the eureka moment so they can bring about lasting transformative change.

Derek Lidow delivers a great read in The Entrepreneurs: The Relentless Quest for Value. He delves into the deep history of innovation to deliver essential new insights into how entrepreneurs create value and bring about change.


Myles C. Thompson, Publisher for Columbia Business School Publishing

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