Announcing the Columbia University Press Fall 2022 Catalog

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Dear Readers,

In a world beset by uncertainty, the insight and research of Columbia authors help unravel for us the complex challenges we face. I am delighted to introduce our Fall 2022 catalog, featuring urgent books that make vital contributions to understanding the global present.

One of the most renowned intellectuals of our time, Judith Butler, explains how the pandemic challenges our sense of the world. In Greenhouse Planet, Columbia’s Lewis H. Ziska—who resigned from the Department of Agriculture to protest Trump administration interference with his research—explores how climate change is affecting plants. And Bruce Usher of Columbia Business School lays out how investors can help shape a postcarbon future. Neither Confirm nor Deny inaugurates the Global America series with a deep dive into the unbelievable story of a secret CIA mission to retrieve a Soviet submarine from the ocean floor.

Columbia authors meaningfully contribute to public conversations on timely topics such as diplomacy, war, and inequality. The United States has levied some of the harshest sanctions in history against Russia; Backfire explains why sanctions don’t always work as intended. Examining another global flashpoint, Scott L. Kastner considers whether the United States and China could go to war over Taiwan. Reflecting our New York home, Columbia highlights the importance of cities. Two books offer new perspectives on twenty-first-century urban issues: Unequal Cities shows how American anti-urban bias exacerbates inequality, and Emerging Global Cities looks at how secondary cities become major economic and cultural players.

In order to publish these groundbreaking works, we rely on the Columbia University community, the broader university press community, and our readers. Thank you for helping support our books and our mission.

Jennifer Crewe, Associate Provost and Director

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