Video: Michael Alexander on the Origins of Making Peace with the Universe


What happens when worlds fall apart? It’s a question that so many of us have asked ourselves in times of crisis. The marvel of Michael Scott Alexander’s book is that he has transformed his own search into a discovery of the wisdom of the ages. Erudite and deeply personal, this book captures the pain of losing faith and the joy of rediscovering a deeper meaning.

~Rebecca L. Davis, author of More Perfect Unions: The American Search for Marital Bliss

In today’s AAR/SBL Annual Meetings Exhibit video, Michael Scott Alexander discusses the origins of his new book Making Peace with the Universe: Personal Crisis and Spiritual Healing, in which  reads diverse classic religious accounts as masterpieces of therapeutic insight. He recasts spiritual confessions as case histories of therapy, showing how they remain radical and deeply meaningful even in an age of scientific psychology.

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