New Book Tuesday! Bookishness, Redlining Culture, and More!

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From the Literature Now series


Loving Books in a Digital Age

Jessica Pressman

In Bookishness, Jessica Pressman examines the new status of the book as object and symbol. She explores the rise of “bookishness” as an identity and an aesthetic strategy that proliferates from store-window décor to experimental writing.

Redlining Culture

A Data History of Racial Inequality and Postwar Fiction

Richard Jean So

Richard Jean So draws on big data, literary history, and close readings to offer an unprecedented analysis of racial inequality in American publishing that reveals the persistence of an extreme bias toward white authors.

From the Global Chinese Culture series

Chinese Lyricism and Modern Media Culture

Shengqing Wu

An interdisciplinary study spanning literary studies, visual culture, and media history, Photo Poetics is an original account of media culture in early twentieth-century China and the formation of Chinese literary and visual modernities.

From the No Limits series


Smart Bodies Smart Things

Mark C. Taylor

The combination of artificial intelligence with implants, transplants, prostheses, and genetic reprogramming is transforming medical research and treatment, and it is now also transforming what we thought was human nature.  Intervolution reveals that we are already cyborgs, integral cogs in what will become a superorganism of bodies and things.

New from Wallflower!

From the Short Cuts series

The Stardom Film

Creating the Hollywood Fairy Tale

Karen McNally

In its various forms, the stardom film is crucial to understanding how Hollywood has shaped its own identity, as well as its claim on America’s collective imagination.

In the first book to focus exclusively on these modern fairy tales, Karen McNally traces the history of this genre from silent cinema to contemporary film and television to show its significance to both Hollywood and broader American culture.

From the Short Cuts series

Narrative and Narration

Analyzing Cinematic Storytelling

Warren Buckland

Narrative and Narration distills the basic components of cinematic storytelling into a set of core concepts: narrative structure, processes of narration, and narrative agents. The book opens with a discussion of the emergence of narrative and narration in early cinema and proceeds to illustrate key ideas through numerous case studies. Each chapter guides readers through different methods that they can use to analyze cinematic storytelling.

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