New From Our Distributed Presses! Work-based Learning as a Pathway to Competence-based Education, Shintō in the History and Culture of Japan and Land-Water-Sky / Ndè-Tı-Yat’a

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From the Key Issues in Asian Studies series

Shintō in the History and Culture of Japan

Ronald S. Green

This book is a concise overview of Shintō through a survey of its key concepts, related archeological finds, central mythology, significant cultural sites, political dimensions, and historical developments. Its goal is to promote an understanding of Shintō as an enduring cultural phenomenon central to Japan past and present.

Land-Water-Sky / Ndè-Tı-Yat’a


Land-Water-Sky/Ndè-Tı-Yat’a is the debut novel from Dene author Katłįà. Set in Canada’s far north, this layered composite novel traverses space and time, from a community being stalked by a dark presence, a group of teenagers out for a dangerous joyride, to an archeological site on a mysterious island that holds a powerful secret.

Work-based Learning as a Pathway to Competence-based Education

A UNEVOC Network Contribution

This book provides a rich collection of research and practice perspectives around central topics in the field of work-based learning (WBL). Based on an extensive prior literature review of the current state of research on WBL in TVET contexts on a global scale, key themes of interest for a competence-based perspective were chosen to call for contributions from researchers and experts in VET from all around the world.


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