Video: Eric Bulson Introduces Ulysses by Numbers


Numbers in literature often have magical or secret meanings, but this remarkable book also shows us other, quite startling modes of literary counting, giving us the pleasure we find only in the best critical readings: we are surprised and we wonder what to do with our surprise.

~Michael Wood, author ofLiterature and the Taste of Knowledge

As a Joyce scholar, Eric Bulson has spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the words in Ulysses. However, if you turn from the words to the numbers, you begin to see the novel in an entirely new way. Bulson explains how and why in this video about his recently published book, Ulysses by Numbers. He also considers the possibilities and limitations of reading quantitatively.

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  1. Ulysses is a totally incoherent bullshit book. I wasted a good deal of money buying a Folio deluxe edition. EM Foster said the novel attempts to cover the universe with mud. Why would anyone spend a lifetime as a Ulysses “scholar” is beyond me.

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