Join Eric Schwartz on a Tour of Our ASA 2020 Virtual Booth

Eric Schwartz, Editorial Director for Columbia University Press, here. Since the coronavirus pandemic has canceled most conferences for the foreseeable future, the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association included, we’ve gone virtual for book exhibits. While I wish I could be with you in person, I am still excited to present the best lineup yet of new books in sociology. Welcome to our virtual exhibit!

Our program is growing every year. Columbia books focus on contemporary topics of global interest. We prize books that are multimethod and middle range.  

There are a few titles that I want to highlight. To quote Clayton Childress, “Measuring Culture is the canonical text we have been waiting for in the sociology of culture. It is a massive achievement that will be the definitive account of the topic for a long time to come. I’ll be thinking about it, teaching it, and recommending it.” 

We introduce the new series Society and the Environment with Rebecca Elliott’s Underwater, which considers what loss as a result of climate change should mean, and Super Polluters by Don Grant, Andrew Jorgenson, and Wesley Longhofer investigates what can be done about the energy sector’s vast carbon emissions. Emily Erickson’s Trade and Nation and Henning Hillmann’s The Corsairs of Saint-Malo are our latest in The Middle Range Series, and both consider the origins of capitalism.  


There are many great books not to be missed, including Doctors’ Orders by Tania Jenkins on status in the medical profession, The Death of Idealism by Meghan Elizabeth Kallman on the Peace Corps, Ascent to Glory by Alvaro Santana-Acuna on the publication of a canonical novel, and Preserving Neighborhoods by Aaron Passell on historic preservation. 

This is a great group of books, and we have many more. For the duration of what would have been the conference weekend, you can use the code ASA20 at checkout from our website for a 20 percent discount on any of our conference titles

Happy reading! Hope to see you next year. Thank you for your support.

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