New Book Tuesday! Oath Keepers, On the Judgment of History, and Modern Sufis and the State

Our weekly list of new books is now available!


Oath Keepers

Patriotism and the Edge of Violence in a Right-Wing Antigovernment Group

Sam Jackson

In Oath Keepers, Sam Jackson takes readers inside the world of the most prominent antigovernment group in the United States, examining its extensive online presence to discover how it builds support for its political goals and actions. 

On the Judgment of History

Joan Wallach Scott

Joan Wallach Scott critically examines the belief that history will redeem us, revealing the implicit politics of appeals to the judgment of history. She argues that the notion of a linear, ever-improving direction of history hides the persistence of power structures and hinders the pursuit of alternative futures.

Modern Sufis and the State

The Politics of Islam in South Asia and Beyond

Edited by Katherine Pratt Ewing and Rosemary R. Corbett

Modern Sufis and the State brings together a range of scholars, including anthropologists, historians, and religious-studies specialists, to challenge common assumptions that are made about Sufism today. Focusing on India and Pakistan within a broader global context, this book provides locally grounded accounts of how Sufis in South Asia have engaged in politics from the colonial period to the present.

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