Join us in Celebrating Women’s History Month 2019

Today begins our celebration of Women’s History Month. If you’ve been following us, you likely know that Columbia has been a leader in the publication of gender studies and feminist theory since the 1980s. You’re probably familiar with Joan Wallach Scott’s landmark work Gender at the Politics of History, which recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, and our collection of works by Julia Kristeva, but are you familiar with the plethora of female scholars, writers, and translators whose books we’ve had the privilege to publish throughout the years?

Here at Columbia, we’ve had the honor of publishing renowned works of scholarship and literature written by women around the globe. From science and sociology to film and fiction, our authors are leading the conversation in various fields of study.

Beginning on Monday, March 4th, we’ll be offering our readers the chance to win books in our women’s studies list as well as any book in our catalog that is authored, edited, or translated by a woman. In addition to this month-long drawing, we’ll be featuring guest blog posts and book excerpts about or by women.

Please join us this month as we discuss women’s issues and pay tribute to our published female scholars and their works.

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