New Book Tuesday! Force of Words, The Diary of 1636, U.S. Strategy in the Asian Century and More!


From the Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare series.

Force of Words

The Logic of Terrorist Threats

Joseph M. Brown

Force of Words is a groundbreaking examination of the roles threats play in terrorist strategies. Joseph M. Brown shows how terrorists use a variety of threats to achieve social control, economic attrition, political legitimacy, policy concessions, and other outcomes.

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A Political Geography of Contemporary Fiction

Matthew Hart

Extraterritorial presents a new theory of literature that explains what happens when dreams of an open, connected world confront the reality of mobile, elastic, and tenacious borders.

The Diary of 1636

The Second Manchu Invasion of Korea

Na Man’gap
Translated and with an introduction by George Kallander

Translated from literary Chinese into English for the first time, the diary illuminates a traumatic moment for early modern Korean politics and society. George Kallander’s critical introduction and extensive annotations place The Diary of 1636 in its historical, political, and military context, highlighting the importance of this text for students and scholars of Chinese and East Asian as well as Korean history.

The Korean Vernacular Story

Telling Tales of Contemporary Chosŏn in Sinographic Writing

Si Nae Park

The first book in English on the origins of yadamThe Korean Vernacular Story combines historical insight, textual studies, and the history of the book. By highlighting the role of negotiation with Literary Sinitic and sinographic writing, it challenges the script (han’gŭl)-focused understanding of Korean language and literature.

From the Woodrow Wilson Center Series series.

U.S. Strategy in the Asian Century

Empowering Allies and Partners

Abraham M. Denmark

U.S. Strategy in the Asian Century offers vital perspective on the future of power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific, focusing on the critical roles that American allies and partners can play. Abraham M. Denmark argues that these alliances and partnerships represent indispensable strategic assets for the United States.


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