New Book Tuesday! Degenerative Realism, Japan’s New Regional Reality and The Ecocentrists

Our weekly list of new books is now available!

Degenerative Realism

Novel and Nation in Twenty-First-Century France

Christy Wampole

Examining key novels by Michel Houellebecq, Frédéric Beigbeder, Aurélien Bellanger, Yann Moix, and other French writers, Christy Wampole identifies and critiques this emergent tendency toward “degenerative realism.” She considers the ways these writers draw on social science, the New Journalism of the 1960s, political pamphlets, reportage, and social media to construct an atmosphere of disintegration and decline. 

Japan’s New Regional Reality

Geoeconomic Strategy in the Asia-Pacific

Saori N. Katada 片田さおり

Japan’s New Regional Reality offers a comprehensive analysis of Japan’s geoeconomic strategy that reveals the country’s role in shaping regional economic order in the Asia-Pacific.The book covers a wide range of economic issues including trade, investment, finance, currency, and foreign aid. 

New in Paper!

The Ecocentrists

A History of Radical Environmentalism

Keith Makoto Woodhouse

In The Ecocentrists, Keith Makoto Woodhouse offers a nuanced history of radical environmental thought and action in the late-twentieth-century United States. Focusing especially on the group Earth First!, Woodhouse explores how radical environmentalism responded to both postwar affluence and a growing sense of physical limits. A groundbreaking intellectual history of environmental politics in the United States, this book is a timely study that considers humanism and individualism in an environmental age and makes a case for skepticism and doubt in environmental thought.


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