New Book Tuesday! Narrative Change, The Perilous Public Square, and Duchamp Is My Lawyer

Our weekly list of new books is now available!

The Perilous Public Square

Structural Threats to Free Expression Today

Edited by David E. Pozen

The Perilous Public Square brings together leading thinkers to identify and investigate today’s multifaceted threats to free expression. They go beyond the campus and the courthouse to pinpoint key structural changes in the means of mass communication and forms of global capitalism.

Duchamp Is My Lawyer

The Polemics, Pragmatics, and Poetics of UbuWeb

Kenneth Goldsmith

In 1996, Kenneth Goldsmith created UbuWeb to post hard-to-find works of concrete poetry. It grew into an essential archive of twentieth- and twenty-first-century avant-garde and experimental literature, film, and music. In Duchamp Is My Lawyer, Goldsmith tells the history of UbuWeb, explaining the motivations behind its creation.

Narrative Change

How Changing the Story Can Transform Society, Business, and Ourselves

Hans Hansen

This work offers readers a powerful model for creating significant organizational, social, and institutional change. Hansen unpacks the lessons of the fight to change capital punishment in Texas, revealing how narratives shape our everyday lives and how we can construct new narratives to enact positive change.

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