Join Caelyn Cobb on a Tour of Our Featured Book Series at ISA 2020!

Mahalo for continuing to follow our virtual International Studies Association exhibit! Today I’d like to talk to you about our global politics series. We have a lot of series in this field, because you political scientists love your series. Don’t even try to deny it. People ask about what series I have before they even ask about the actual books I publish! 

Those of you who have been following my list most likely know of several of our longstanding political science series: Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare, edited by Bruce Hoffman; Columbia Studies in Middle East Politics, edited by Mr. POMEPS himself, Marc Lynch; and Contemporary Asia in the World, edited by Victor Cha and David Kang. These series have produced award-winning books like Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan’s Why Civil Resistance Works and classroom staples like Nuclear North Korea and The Arab Uprisings Explained, and all are still active and accepting proposals.

We also have two newer series. One is focused on the politics of the global energy landscape and is named for the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy: the Center on Global Energy Policy series. Edited by Jason Bordoff, this series features work by policy specialists and energy experts for general readers looking to understand topics like energy sanctions, the politics of oil-rich countries in the Persian Gulf, and the possibilities that renewable energy presents for the energy market. Another series, the Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren J. Cohen Books on AmericanEast Asian Relations, is managed by my colleague Stephen Wesley for our U.S. politics list, and it is dedicated to the history and politics of U.S. foreign relations with China, Japan, and the Koreas.

by more than providence bookThen there is our newest political science series, which is so new that we don’t have books for it yet. The Columbia Studies in International Order and Politics series, edited by Stacie Goddard, Daniel Nexon, and Joe Parent, builds on the Press’s long tradition in classic international relations publishing while highlighting important new work. This new series is founded on three commitments: to serve as an outlet for innovative theoretical scholarship, especially that which stretches beyond “mainstream” international relations and cuts across disciplinary boundaries; to highlight original qualitative and historical work in international relations theory, international security, and international political economy; and to focus on creating a selective, prominent list dedicated to international relations, one that allows the series editors and the Press to provide substantial attention to authors’ work before, during, and after publication. I have some very exciting things in the works for this series, so stay turned! And do send me your own pitches for any big idea books on international relations that can perhaps fit in with this new focus.

To submit to any of these series, please send your proposal and CV to Caelyn Cobb, editor for global politics at Columbia University Press (that’s me!), or reach out to the series editors directly. 

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