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Making Worlds

Affect and Collectivity in Contemporary European Cinema

Claudia Breger
Claudia Breger argues that contemporary European cinema provides ways of thinking about and feeling collectivity that can challenge the twenty-first century’s political trends. Through a new model of cinematic worldmaking, Making Worlds examines how films produce unexpected and destabilizing affects that invite viewers to imagine new connections.

New In Paper!

A Nation Like All Others

A Brief History of American Foreign Relations

Warren I. Cohen

In this comprehensive account of American foreign relations from the nation’s birth through the Obama administration, Warren I. Cohen confronts the concept of American exceptionalism. A Nation Like All Others offers a brisk, argumentative history that decries the lack of moral imagination in American foreign policy.

Getting Risk Right

Understanding the Science of Elusive Health Risks

Geoffrey C. Kabat

An incisive look at some of today’s most contested health risks—both real and illusory. Geoffrey C. Kabat seeks to help us distinguish between claims that are supported by solid science and those that are the result of poorly designed or misinterpreted studies. 

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