Book Excerpt! The Rise and Fall of the Religious Left, By L. Benjamin Rolsky (introduction)

Rolsky demonstrates how Norman Lear, the renowned television producer of classic shows like All in the Family, offers a window into the evolution of the religious left in the 1970s and its complex relationship with the moral majority. A fascinating and intriguing history of the intersection between popular culture, religion, and American politics.

~Julian E. Zelizer, coauthor of Fault Lines: A History of the United States Since 1974

Television writer and producer Norman Lear not only created hit comedies such as All in the Family and Maude, but also galvanized the religious left into action through his productions and published writings. L. Benjamin Rolsky examines Lear’s role in the conflict between religious conservatives and secular liberals in his new book, The Rise and Fall of the Religious Left: Politics, Television, and Popular Culture in the 1970s and Beyond. Read the introduction to this work for a brief history of Lear’s activism and the conservative, political response.

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