Book Excerpt! Extraordinary Justice, by Craig Etcheson

In this absorbing, persuasively argued book, Craig Etcheson draws on over thirty years of involvement with Cambodia and on his prolonged association with the so-called Khmer Rouge Tribunal, giving his readers a clear idea of what happened at the Tribunal and the daunting challenges it faced.

~ David Chandler, author of A History of Cambodia, 4th Edition

Rounding out our feature of Extraordinary Justice: Law, Politics, and the Khmer Rouge Tribunals, by Craig Etcheson this week is this excerpt from the introduction, in which Etcheson lays our his reasons for studying the Cambodian genocide and its aftermath. As one of the foremost experts on the topic, Etcheson details his interest and the intricacies of discussing politics and law. Read the introduction to Extraordinary Justice to learn what sparked his “quest to bring the Khmer Rouge to justice” and when “politics trumps the law.” 

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