New Book Tuesday! Art of Memories, The Credential Society, From Cotton and Smoke, and More!

Our list of new books is now available!

Art of Memories

Curating at the Hermitage

Vincent Antonin Lépinay

Webs of Corruption

Trafficking and Terrorism in Central Asia

Mariya Y. Omelicheva and Lawrence P. Markowitz

The Habermas-Rawls Debate

James Gordon Finlayson

The Credential Society

An Historical Sociology of Education and Stratification

Randall Collins. New preface to the Legacy Edition. Foreword by Tressie McMillan Cottom. Foreword by Mitchell L. Stevens.

Jagiellonian University Press

From Cotton and Smoke

Łódź – Industrial City and Discourses of Asynchronous Modernity, 1897–1994

Agata Zysiak, Kamil Śmiechowski, Kamil Piskała, Wiktor Marzec, Kaja Kaźmierska, and Jacek Burski

In Good Form

Arguing for Epistemic Norms of Credence

Leszek Wroński

Intellectuals and World War I

A Central European Perspective

Edited by Tomasz Pudłocki and Kamil Ruszała

Enemies of the Later Roman Order

A Study of the Phenomenon of Language Aggression in the Theodosian Code, Post-Theodosian Novels, and the Sirmondian Constitutions

Michał Stachura. Translated by Marcin Fijak


Art In East-Central Europe After 1989

Andrzej Szczerski

The Bulgarian State in 927–969

The Epoch of Tsar Peter I

Edited by Mirosław J. Leszka and Kirił Marinow

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