New Book Tuesday! Reassembling Motherhood, Nostalgia for the Future, The Informal Economy, And More!

Our list of new books is now available!

Emancipation After Hegel

Achieving a Contradictory Revolution

Todd McGowan

Plate Tectonics and Great Earthquakes

50 Years of Earth-Shaking Events

Lynn R. Sykes

The Designing for Growth Field Book

A Step-by-Step Project Guide, second edition

Jeanne Liedtka, Tim Ogilvie, and Rachel Brozenske

New in Paper!

Reassembling Motherhood

Procreation and Care in a Globalized World

Edited by Yasmine Ergas, Jane Jenson, and Sonya Michel

Nostalgia for the Future

Modernism and Heterogeneity in the Visual Arts of Nazi Germany

Gregory Maertz

The Development and Challenges of Russian Corporate Governance I

The Roles and Functions of Boards of Directors

Oksana Kim. Foreword by Sheila M. Puffer.

Journal of Romanian Studies

Volume 1,1 (2019)

Edited by Margaret Beissinger, Radu Cinpoes, and Lavinia Stan

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