Media Roundup: Biographies, Memoirs, and Letters About Women in History

In celebration of Women’s History Month, today we are featuring books about women. From collections of letters to biographies to one story about a Manchu princess turned spy, each work highlights the achievement and power of womanhood and the female role in society.

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Media Roundup

The Untold Journey

The Life of Diana Trilling

Natalie Robins

Diana Trilling’s life with Columbia University professor and literary critic Lionel Trilling was filled with secrets, struggles, and betrayals, and she endured what she called her “own private hell” as she fought to reconcile competing duties and impulses at home and at work.

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Love, Amy

The Selected Letters of Amy Clampitt

Edited by Willard Spiegelman

This extraordinary collection of letters sheds light on one of the most important postwar American poets and on a creative woman’s life from the 1950s onward. 

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The Great Flowing River

A Memoir of China, from Manchuria to Taiwan

Chi Pang-yuan. Translated by John Balcom

Heralded as a literary masterpiece and a best-seller in the Chinese-speaking world, The Great Flowing River is a personal account of the history of modern China and Taiwan unlike any other.

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Lady in the Dark

Iris Barry and the Art of Film

Robert Sitton

Iris Barry (1895–1969) was a pivotal modern figure and one of the first intellectuals to treat film as an art form, appreciating its far-reaching, transformative power. 

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Wu Zhao (624–705), better known as Wu Zetian or Empress Wu, is the only woman to have ruled China as emperor over the course of its 5,000-year history.

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Nancy Cunard

Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist

Lois Gordon

Lois Gordon’s absorbing biography tells the story of a writer, activist, and cultural icon who embodied the dazzling energy and tumultuous spirit of her age, and whom William Carlos Williams once called “one of the major phenomena of history.”

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Virginia Woolf

A Portrait

Viviane Forrester. Translated by Jody Gladding.

Winner of the prestigious Prix Goncourt award for biography, this remarkable portrait sheds new light on Virginia Woolf’s relationships with her family and friends and how they shaped her work.

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