New Book Tuesday! The Politics of Losing, Centrifugal Empire, Ghalib, and more!

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The Politics of Losing

Trump, the Klan, and the Mainstreaming of Resentment

Rory McVeigh and Kevin Estep

The Putin System

An Opposing View

Grigory Yavlinsky
New in Paper!

Centrifugal Empire

Central–Local Relations in China

Jae Ho Chung
New in Paper!


Selected Poems and Letters

Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. Translated by Frances W. Pritchett and Owen T. A. Cornwall

The Economics of Construction

Stephen Gruneberg and Noble Francis

Collective Bargaining and Gender Equality

Jane Pillinger and Nora Wintour

The Economy’s Other Half

How Taking Gender Seriously Transforms Macroeconomics

James Heintz

Chinese University Press

Gao Village Revisited

The Life of Rural People in Contemporary China

Mobo C. F. Gao

The East Turkestan Independence Movement, 1930s to 1940s

Wang Ke. Translated by Carissa Fletcher

How the Red Sun Rose

The Origin and Development of the Yan’an Rectification Movement, 1930–1945

Gao Hua. Translated by Stacey Mosher and Guo Jian

Taipei People

Pai Hsien-yung. Translated by the author and Patia Yasin. Edited by George Kao.


A Documentary History of Public Health in Hong Kong

Edited by Yip Ka-che, Wong Man Kong, and Leung Yuen Sang

Civil Strife Against Local Governance

Dynamics of Community Protests in Contemporary South Africa

Sethulego Matebesi

Mobile Entrepreneurs

An Ethnographic Study of the Migration of the Highly Skilled

Katrin Sontag

The State Strikes Back

The End of Economic Reform in China?

Nicholas R. Lardy

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