New Book Tuesday! GMO China, Mind Beyond Brain, Social Empathy and More!

Our weekly list of new books is now available!

Raising China’s Revolutionaries

Modernizing Childhood for Cosmopolitan Nationalists and Liberated Comrades, 1920s-1950s

Margaret Mih Tillman

GMO China

How Global Debates Transformed China’s Agricultural Biotechnology Policies

Cong Cao

The Stigma Effect

Unintended Consequences of Mental Health Campaigns

Patrick W. Corrigan

Mind Beyond Brain

Buddhism, Science, and the Paranormal

David E. Presti

Social Empathy

The Art of Understanding Others

Elizabeth A. Segal

Agenda Publishing

Doreen Massey

Critical Dialogues

Edited by Marion Werner, Jamie Peck, Rebecca Lave, and Brett Christophers

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