New Book Tuesday! Show Trial, Contesting Cyberspace in China, Race Unmasked and More

​Our weekly listing of new books is now available!


Contesting Cyberspace in China

Online Expression and Authoritarian Resilience

Rongbin Han

Hawk of the Mind

Collected Poems

Yang Mu. Edited by Michelle Yeh

Immigration Policy in the Age of Punishment

Detention, Deportation, and Border Control

Edited by David C. Brotherton and Philip Kretsedemas


How Science Can Enlighten Us About Spirituality

Andrew Newberg

Social Work Practice with Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Edited by Andrea J. Nichols, Tonya Edmond, and Erin C. Heil

Show Trial

Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist

Thomas Doherty


The Varieties of Temporal Experience

Travels in Philosophical, Historical, and Ethnographic Time

Michael Jackson


New in Paper!

The People’s Money

How China Is Building a Global Currency

Paola Subacchi


New in Paper!

The Body Incantatory

Spells and the Ritual Imagination in Medieval Chinese Buddhism

Paul Copp

New in Paper!

Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes

Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics

Li Chen

New in Paper!

Militarizing the Nation

The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt

Zeinab Abul-Magd


New in Paper!

Race Unmasked

Biology and Race in the Twentieth Century

Michael Yudell. Foreword by J. Craig Venter

The Cinema of Richard Linklater

Walk, Don’t Run, second edition

Rob Stone

(Wallflower Press)


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