New Book Wednesday: The Philosophy of the Zhuangzi, Reassembling Motherhood, and More!

Genuine Pretending

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Genuine Pretending: On the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi
Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D’Ambrosio

Reassembling Motherhood: Procreation and Care in a Globalized World
Edited by Yasmine Ergas, Jane Jenson, and Sonya Michel

Now available in paperback:
Eqbal Ahmad: Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age
Stuart Schaar

Reduced to a Symbolical Scale: The Evacuation of British Women and Children from Hong Kong to Australia in 1940
Tony Banham
(Hong Kong University Press)

Boys’ Love, Cosplay, and Androgynous Idols: Queer Fan Cultures in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Edited by Maud Lavin, Ling Yang, and Jing Jamie Zhao
(Hong Kong University Press)

Chinese-English Contrastive Grammar
An Introduction

David C. S. Li and Zoe Pei-sui Luk
(Hong Kong University Press)

Change in Use of Land: A Practical Guide to Development in Hong Kong, third edition
Lawrence Wai-chung Lai, Daniel Chi-wing Ho, and Hing-fung Leung
(Hong Kong University Press)

Construction Contract Essentials in Hong Kong
Edited by Gary Soo
(Hong Kong University Press)

Neurology in Practice, fifth edition
Y. L. Yu, J. K. Y. Fong, S. L. Ho, R. T. F. Cheung, and K. H. Chan
(Hong Kong University Press)

Problem-Based Medical Case Management, second edition
Edited by Kathryn Tan
(Hong Kong University Press)

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