Asserting Their Rights to Be Different, New York Style

International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train

“Notably, civil inattention is a skill consisting of giving accounts of one’s presence and intentions that these young riders must learn to assess and utilize. Riding in a group or alone helps them realize that they do not have to give up their identity in order to disappear into the crowd of riders. They can be New Yorkers and Muslim, New Yorkers and Hispanic, and so on as long as they are competent at riding the trains.” — Stéphane Tonnelat and William Kornblum

This week, our featured book is International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train, by Stéphane Tonnelat and William Kornblum. For today’s post, we are happy to present an excerpt from the book’s seventh chapter, “Teenagers on the 7 Train.”

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