New Book Tuesday: A Play by Alain Badiou, Plant Rights, and More New Books

Alain BadiouThe Incident at Antioch/L’Incident d’Antioche: A Tragedy in Three Acts / Tragédie en trois actes
Alain Badiou

Plant-Thinking: A Philosophy of Vegetal Life
Michael Marder; Foreword by Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala

Gender and Parenthood: Biological and Social Scientific Perspectives
Edited by W. Bradford Wilcox and Kathleen Kovner Kline

The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith: Order, Meaning, and Free Will in Modern Medical Science (Now available in paperback)
Robert E. Pollack

Social Welfare in East Asia and the Pacific

Edited by Sharlene Furuto

Demystifying the Caliphate
Madawi Al-Rasheed, Carool Kersten, and Marat Shterin

The Rumor of Globalization: Desecrating the Global from Vernacular Margins
Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay

Visions of the Ottoman World in Renaissance Europe
Andrei Pippidi

The Cakrasamvara Tantra (The Discourse of Sri Heruka): Editions of the Sanskrit and Tibetan Texts
David B. Gray

Reading for Our Time: Adam Bede and Middlemarch Revisited (Now available in paper)
J. Hillis Miller

Romantic Literature and Postcolonial Studies (Now available in paper)
Elizabeth Bohls

Politics of Nostalgia in the Arabic Novel: Nation-State, Modernity and Tradition
Wen-chin Ouyang

Sociolinguistics and Corpus Linguistics (Now available in paper)
Paul Baker

New Frontiers: Law and Society in the Roman World
Edited by Paul J. du Plessis

Henry Raeburn: Critical Reception and International Reputation
Edited by Viccy Coltman and Stephen Lloyd

Introductions and Notes from the Magnum Opus edition of 1829-33: Volume 1
Walter Scott

Introductions and Notes from the Magnum Opus edition of 1829-33: Volume 2
Walter Scott

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