Columbia University Press Books Win CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles for 2012

We were very excited to learn that several Columbia University Press titles and those of our distributed press Edinburgh were winners of the prestigious CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles for 2012.

Jonathan Lyons, Islam Through Western EyesHere’s the list and congratulations to the authors:

Sufi Bodies: Religion and Society in Medieval Islam
Shahzad Bashir

In Defense of Religious Moderation
William Egginton

Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom’s Frontier
Theodore Hughes

Situating Existentialism: Key Texts in Context
Edited by Jonathan Judaken and Robert Bernasconi

Islam Through Western Eyes: From the Crusades to the War on Terrorism
Jonathan Lyons

Neurogastronomy: How the Brain Creates Flavor and Why It Matters
Gordon Shepherd

Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts
Haruo Shirane

When More Is Less: The International Project in Afghanistan
Astri Suhrke

A History of Namibia: From the Beginning to 1990
Marion Wallace; with John Kinahan

Edinburgh University Press:

The History of Islamic Political Thought, Second Edition: From the Prophet to the Present
Antony Black

Reading for Our Time: Adam Bede and Middlemarch Revisited
J. Hillis Miller

The Phantom of Chance: From Fortune to Randomness in Seventeenth-Century French Literature
John D. Lyons

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