The Films of Olivier Assayas

This week we are featuring a book by and about famed French director Olivier Assayas: A Post-May Adolescence: Letter to Alice Debord by Olivier Assayas and Olivier Assayas, edited by Kent Jones.

Assayas’s films have been hailed by critics and is viewed as one of the key figures in the new generation of French filmmakers. As a former critic for Cahiers du Cinema and a die-hard cinephile, he makes his films both personal and referential to the works of directors he admires. However, his films also serve as powerful commentaries of contemporary life in a globalized economy. To give you a better, albeit somewhat superficial, sense of his work here are some trailers for his films:

Carlos (2010)

Irma Vep (1996)

Demon Lover (2002)

Summer Hours (2008)

Clean (2004)

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