New Books Tuesday (Thursday and Expanded Edition)

Hannah Gurman, The Dissent PapersDue to the holidays, we did not post our weekly listing of new titles, however here are new releases from the previous two weeks:

The Dissent Papers: The Voices of Diplomats in the Cold War and Beyond
Hannah Gurman

Introduction to Metaphysics: From Parmenides to Levinas
Jean Grondin

Women in Iraq: Past Meets Present
Noga Efrati

Hideous Progeny: Disability, Eugenics, and Classic Horror Cinema
Angela Smith

American Smart Cinema
Claire Perkins

The Written Word in the Medieval Arabic Lands: A Social and Cultural History of Reading Practices
Konrad Hirschler

Ed Koch and the Rebuilding of New York City (Now available in paper)
Jonathan Soffer

The Worst-Kept Secret: Israel’s Bargain with the Bomb (Now available in paper)
Avner Cohen

The Fabulous Imagination: On Montaigne’s Essays (New in paper)
Lawrence D. Kritzman

War and Peace in the Caucasus: Russia’s Troubled Frontier (New in paper)
Vicken Cheterian

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