Paul Pillar Discusses Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy on Andrea Mitchell Reports to Discuss

Fresh off a review of his book Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy:Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform, in the New York Times , Paul Pillar was a guest on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC.

Among other issues, Pillar discusses not only how intelligence became politicized during the lead up to the Iraq War but also how certain reports were ignored by members of the Bush administration. These included the famous memo on WMD’s but also estimates about what would happen in Iraq after an invasion and its impact on the region.

Paul Pillar also weighed in on the recent assassination of al-Awlaki. He worries that there needs to be clearer lines about targeting U.S. citizens and whether propagandists should be seen in the same light of those in charge of operations:

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