New Book Tuesday: A Philosophical Retrospective and Fantasies of the New Class

Alan Montefiore, A Philosophical RetrospectiveThese books are now available:

A Philosophical Retrospective: Facts, Values, and Jewish Identity
Alan Montefiore

Fantasies of the New Class: Ideologies of Professionalism in Post-World War II American Fiction
Stephen Schryer

Hermaphroditism: A Primer on the Biology, Ecology, and Evolution of Dual Sexuality
John Avise

How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-So Stories: Evolutionary Enigmas (Now available in paper)
David P. Barash, Ph.D. and Judith Eve Lipton, M.D.

Melancholy Order: Asian Migration and the Globalization of Borders (Now available in paper)
Adam M. McKeown

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