Siddharth Kara on Human Trafficking in India

Siddharth Kara, the author of Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, continues his CNN series on human trafficking with an interview with Becky Anderson.

In the interview Kara discusses human trafficking in India and shows pictures of its victims as well as the shanty towns many slaves are forced to live in. The interview concludes with Kara discussing the persistence of sex slaves and human trafficking:

One thing that I’ve learned across ten years of research is that business is business, and that slavery is a business.

And wherever I go, there are certain things that are almost always the same. A certain deception or ruse is used to pray on the desperate or the poor, there’s a virtual ease of re-allocating people from just a village to a town or all the way around the world.

And then they’re put in a situation where they’re not free to leave, they’re forced to work often under threat of violence, or threats against family members. And they’re almost never paid or if they are paid it’s only a small amount. And these, sort of, key factors, are true across all the countries I’ve been to on six continents and across industries — it’s not just construction, but commercial sex, agriculture, mining, leatherwork’s, fishing, what have you. Business is business and slavery is no different.

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