The Editors of Gastropolis on the Perfect NYC Summer Meal

GastropolisWith summer fully upon us and with the recent publication of Gastropolis: Food and New York City, we were reminded of an interview on Serious Eats with the editors of the book, Annie Hauck-Lawson and Jonathan Deutsch.

The authors were asked to describe their “dream New York meal.” Their answer offers a perfect evening for these summer months:

Go to the Rockaways on a warm summer early evening with family and best friends. Bring: bathing suits, towels, beach blanket, boogie or surfboards, Katz’s hot dogs, hot dog rolls, good bread and a warm cooked rice dish, big salad from lettuces and tomatoes that you grew at Floyd Bennett Community Garden at the end of Flatbush Avenue (dressed in olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt), ice cold beer, seltzer and a thermos of hot coffee.

… And a surf casting rod. Swim. Cast out in to the ocean. Cross your fingers. Catch a tuna (preferably) or a snapper. Gather drift wood. Make a fire. Clean and filet the fish, grill it, serve with all the other food and drink and enjoy.

For more on the book, you can browse, read the chapter Fusion City: From Mt. Olympus to Puerto Rican Lasagna and Beyond, or test your knowledge of New York City food.

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