John V. Lindsay: The book, exhibit, and movie

The just-published America’s Mayor: John V. Lindsay and the Reinvention of New York accompanies an exhibit, opening today, at The Museum of the City of New York that looks back at the Lindsay administration, and its legacy. (A few of us at the Press got a sneak peek at the exhibit and it is both fascinating and a lot of fun.)

There will be several events tied to the book and exhibit that will look back at Lindsay and the history of New York City in the 60s and 70s over the next few weeks. These include Fun City Revisited: The Lindsay Years, a documentary which airs tomorrow on public television in New York City.

WNET, the station broadcasting the documentary, is also holding a contest giving away free copies of the book and passes to the exhibit.

In connection with the documentary, here are some campaign ads from Lindsay’s 1965 campaign:

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