A Fistful of Euros reviews Gianni Vattimo's "Autobiography"

Gianni Vattimo, Not Being GodA Fistful of Euros, a prominent blog focusing on European politics and culture recently reviewed Gianni Vattimo’s Not Being God: A Collaborative Autobiography calling it “a delicious mix of philosophy, history, politics, ‘gayness’ and the personal experiences and thoughts of an interesting man, thinker and political activist with an extraordinary life.”

The review praises the book for the way in which Vattimo gracefully and often humorously integrates politics and philosophy and candidly discusses his personal life. The book also presents a unique view of recent Italian politics via Vattimo’s unique perspective.

We’ve previously posted about Not Being God (here and here) but as a reminder, you can read an excerpt from the book (which includes Vattimo’s description of his run-in with the Red Brigades) and read his blog, which now includes Vattimo’s perspectives on the European Parliament. (Vattimo was elected as a member earlier this summer.)

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