Eat Me Daily Reviews Building a Meal

We’re a little bit late with this but along with their excellent accompanying photographs (see above), showcasing the beautiful interior and exterior design of Building a Meal: From Molecular Gastronomy to Culinary Constructivism, Eat Me Daily also provides a very thoughtful and provocative review of This’s latest.

The review, by Paula Forbes, is entitled Strict Interdisciplinarian, and focuses on This’s emphasis on looking beyond traditional gastronomic practices and looking to science and elsewhere for new ways to think about cooking and food. From the review:

This’s explorations of the perfect hard boiled egg, scientifically interesting as they are, pale in comparison to his fascinating take on the interactions among the different disciplines that affect the gastronomic world. Whether or not you agree with This’s philosophy of molecular gastronomy (in short he thinks the more the better, and the sky’s the limit), his passion is seductive in its intensity. This makes the case that the culinary world has been changed forever, and the more we’re willing to look beyond the kitchen for culinary inspiration, the more extraordinary things we can be capable of. This uses science, Grant Achatz uses theater and psychology, Heston Blumenthal has begun to delve into history. This thrills at the idea of what other disciplines could be used to change the food world, and to what degree.

As a reminder, you can watch a video of This discussing his book or read an excerpt.

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