The Almanac of New York City

Almanac of New York CityOver the next few days we will be posting some interesting facts and figures (see below) about our fair city that can be found in the recently published The Almanac of New York City, edited by Kenneth T. Jackson and Fred Kameny.

You can also test your knowledge of the city by taking this quiz.

While Italian, Irish, and Russian continue to be the most common ancestry of New Yorkers, the following is a list of the fastest-growing ancestries. It measures percent change from 1990 to 2000:

1. Albanian (266.7 percent change)

2. Sub-Saharan African (263.4%)

3. Nigerian (137.7%)

4. Ukrainian (94.2%)

5. Trinidadian and Tobagonian (94.2%)

And what are the most widely spoken languages in New York City besides English ?

Langauge Spoken at Home 2000:

Spanish/Spanish Creole (1,832,402 residents)

Chinese (323, 517)

French/French Creole (195,079)

Russian (194,696)

Indic Language (152,158)

Italian (139,698)

Yiddish (82,870)

Korean  (77,172)

Polish (60,772)

Greek (58,476)

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