Catch Jimmy McWilliams in Person Discussing the History of American Attempts to Kill Pests

James E. McWilliams, American PestsIt’s that time of year again, with the hot weather driving us all outdoors, Americans are encountering insects in their backyards, at the local park, and splattered on the windshield of their cars. In his new book, American Pests: The Losing War on Insects from Colonial Times to DDT, Jimmy McWilliams discusses the history of American attempts to eradicate insect life from their homes and farms, and the sometimes disastrous effects that followed. Catch McWilliams in person at three upcoming events as he discusses the fascinating history behind man vs. insect.

First McWilliams will appear at his hometown bookstore BookPeople in Austin, TX on July 22nd for the kickoff book launch event.

Then he’ll be traveling to Atlanta, GA on July 31st when he discusses the book at Wordsmiths in Decatur.

Lastly, he’ll appear at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR on September 12th

Can’t make it to an event? You can watch a video of McWilliams discussing the book, or take a quiz.

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