Blogging Columbia University Press Authors

While we hope you stay and read the posts on this blog, we also want to let you know about some other Columbia-related blogs:

Noelle McAfee, visiting professor of philosophy at George Mason University and author of the just published Democracy and the Political Unconscious, is the author of the blog Gone Public: Philosophy, Politics, and Public Life. Professor McAfee’s blog is an excellent and encouraging example of what it means to be in engaged in scholarship, the world outside the university, and the intersection of the two. In addition to being an excellent resource for news, links, and opinion about philosophy and its practice in academia, McAfee’s recent posts have focused on subjects such as the presidential campaign, facebook, and international affairs.

Another blog to add to your RSS reader is Marc Lynch’s Abu Aardvark, which has become an essential resource for news about the Middle East. Lynch, a professor of political science at George Washington University and author of Voices of The New Arab Public: Iraq, al-Jazeera, and Middle East Politics Today, offers news about the Middle East and U.S. policy that is often overlooked by other news sources. His perspective on these events is a much needed antidote to the inaccuracies and misguided analysis that seems to dominate US discussions of the region in politics and the media. Recent postings include discussions of Barack Obama’s speech on Iraq, a plan for withdrawal by 10 Democratic Congressmen, and a recent public opinion poll in Iraq on security. Not to be missed.

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