Announcing the Columbia University Press Spring 2022 Catalog

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Dear Readers,

Close to two years have now passed since the pandemic imposed new limits on all of us. Many of Columbia’s authors have responded by reflecting on what’s close at hand, showing how seeing the everyday in a new light can illuminate the wider world.

The books announced in this catalog offer deep dives into everyday things. Sex in City Plants, Animals, Fungi, and More explores the countless forms of life existing alongside urbanites, making even weeds and squirrels seem remarkable. Giuseppe Caruso guides us through the plants that define different styles of beer in a book that will appeal to anyone ready for a drink—or to brew their own. Leading primatologists get personal in Chimpanzee Memoirs

Partial Truths shows us that fractions are everywhere—not just middle school—and demonstrates how they underlie a vast range of common misconceptions. Most of us probably feel the world is topsy-turvy; Paul Thagard helps us think about what we mean by that in Balance. Jack Miles and Mark C. Taylor offer a day-by-day account of 2020 as it happened.

The catalog also features important and timely books by accomplished Columbia University authors. Michele Moody-Adams shows what philosophy and activism can learn from each other. Thomas J. Christensen explores global diplomacy in the history of the Cold War. An Earth Institute Sustainability Primer by Lisa Dale examines the challenges of adapting to a changing climate. Josef Sorett curates a range of perspectives on The Sexual Politics of Black Churches. Art and Posthistory presents the legendary Arthur C. Danto’s final thoughts on contemporary art.

In order to publish these groundbreaking books, we rely on the support of the Columbia University community, the broader university press community, and our readers. Thank you for helping support our books and our mission.

Jennifer Crewe, Associate Provost and Director

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